Computer Shortcut Keys Make’s Work Quick & Easier

Computer Shortcut Keys Computer Shortcut Keys is an easier &  quicker method to make your work  Quick & Easier while you are playing games or using windows programs. On computer function keys work normal but on laptops you need to press fn key with function key. Computer Shortcut Keys can boost your productivity in shorts time, if your daily job work heavily depends on using Windows. we know that MS Word Shortcut Keys makes our work easy and quicker.

Here is a big list of Computer Shortcut Keys in General Use.

Function Keys With Description

Shortcut KeysDescription
F1 Press F1 to display Help.
F2 Rename the selected File or folder.
F3 Open Search box to file or folder.
F4 Shortcut key to show the address bar list in File Explorer.
F5 A quick way to refresh the active window.
F6 Select items in a window or on the desktop (tab key same work).
F7 To opens a “spell checker” but depends on your software.
F8 Does not have an assigned Windows default function but work in different software for different work.
F10 To open menu bar in current App.
F11 Full screen in different software.

Keys Use with CTRL Key

Shortcut KeysDescription
CTRL+A Select all current items.
CTRL+C Copy selected items.
CTRL+D Delete selected items(files and folder)
CTRL+V Past copy item.
CTRL+X To cut selected items.
CTRL+Y Redo an action.
CTRL+Z Undo an action.

Keys Use with ALT Key

Shortcut KeysDescription
ALT+ENTER Properties of selected item
ALT+F4 Quit from current program.
ALT+SPACEBAR To Open shortcut menu for the current window.
ALT+TAB Switch between the open windows
ALT+ESC Cycle through current open items in the order.
ESC cancel current operation.
Note:  if you are laptop user then inorder to use function keys press fn key with your function such as fn+F1. I
If you know about other Computer Shortcut Keys just type below in comments box, thank you.

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