MS Word Shortcut Keys – Including Description

MS Word Shortcut Keys
MS Word Shortcut Keys

Here is a big list of MS Word shortcut keys, shortcut keys is a better way to complete your work in short time. It is an advanced way to reduce your work time and allow you to do more work in a given time period. Peoples like to do work with MS word shortcut keys because it is a quicker and easier way to complete your job.

What are MS word shortcut keys?

shortcut keys are a combination of two or more than two keys. Run a command in MS word just press  shortcut keys to complete your work in short time.

Benefits of MS word shortcut keys.

  • Efficient To Increase Your Productivity– By using shortcut keys in MS words you allow you to complete your work in a short time. So, this way increase your productivity and make it faster.
  • Easier To Do– MS word shortcut keys are much easier to do complete your task than a mouse.
  • Reduce Health Issues– Moue usage increases the chance of Repetitive Syndrome Injury (RSI). On the other side keyboard usage, reduce the risk of RSI health issues.

Here Is A Big List Of MS Word Shortcut Keys With Short Description

S/NMS Word Shortcut KeysShortcut Keys Description
1 F1 To get Help or open MS website:
2 F2 Move graphics or text from one place to another.
3 F3 To replaces an AutoText entry.
4 F4 To the repeat the last action you have done.
5 F5 It is a short way to select the" Go To command".
6 F6 To enter in next frame or pane.
7 F7 Short way to select "Spelling command or G" .
8 F8 Extend the selection with arrow keys.
9 F9 In the current selection Updated all selected fields or Area.
10 F10 Show KeyTips for MS Word.
11 F11 To enter in next field.
12 F12 Select the Save As command or to display save as dialog box.
13 Ctrl + F2 Key to displays print preview .
14 Ctrl + F3 Shortcut Key "Cut to the Spike"
15 Ctrl + F4 Closes the current document.
16 Ctrl + F5 This key use for to restores size of the current page or windows.
17 Ctrl + F6 Moves to the next document / window currently open.
18 Ctrl + F7 Move Document window
19 Ctrl + F8 Activates the Resize windows command
20 Ctrl + F9 Insert an empty field between current working area.
21 Ctrl + F10 Maximise the current windows.
22 Ctrl + F11 Lock a field / working area.
23 Ctrl + F12 To open "Open dialog Box"
24 Shift + F1 Activates context sensitive (Help Option) What is this?
25 Shift + F2 About Copies?
26 Shift + F3 Toggles between mixed case, lowercase and uppercase.
27 Shift + F4 Repeats the last Find.
28 Shift + F5 Move to back or Moves to the previous.Repeats the last Find.
29 Shift + F6 Moves to the previous document (incase window is split)
30 Shift + F7 Displays the “Thesaurus dialog box”
32 Shift + F8 Shrink or reduce selection
32 Shift + F9 Toggles between displaying the field codes & field results
33 Shift + F10 Displays the (Shortcut) menu for the current item
34 Shift + F11 Moves to the back or previous Field
35 Shift + F12 Run "Saves" commend
36 Alt + F2 Displays the Save As dialog box
37 Alt + F3 Create an AutoText entry for Selected field.
38 Alt + F4 Closes the current document (saving first) & exits Word
39 Al5 + F5 This commend is to restores the size of the active windows?
40 Alt + F6 Toggles b/w all the documents that are currently opened
41 Alt + F7 next spoll or Move to the next
42 Alt + F8 Displays the “Macro dialog box”
43 Alt + F9 Toggles b/w displaying field codes & field results
44 Alt + F10 Maximize the active window
45 Alt + F11 Toggles B/W the Visual Basic Editor window and the Word window
46 Alt + F12 To Activate Print Preview.
47 CTRL+SHIFT+F3 Insert the contents Spke.
48 CTRL+SHIFT+F5 Edit the bookmark.
49 CTRL+SHIFT+F6 Previous window.
50 CTRL+SHIFT+F7 To Update linked information.
51 CTRL+SHIFT+F8 and press arrow key Extend the selection / block.
52 CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Unlink a selected field.
53 CTRL+SHIFT+F11 Unlock a selected field.
54 CTRL+SHIFT+F12 Select Print command.
55 Ctrl + A Selects All.
56 Ctrl + B Bold on the current selected Text.
57 Ctrl + C Copies the selection are to the clipboard.
58 Ctrl + D Display Font dialog box
59 Ctrl + E Centre Aligns
60 Ctrl + F Find dialog box
61 Ctrl + G GoTo dialog
62 Ctrl + H Replace dialog box
63 Ctrl + I Italics the current selection text.
64 Ctrl + J Justifies the current selection text or other.
65 Ctrl + K To Inserts a hyperlink
66 Ctrl + L Left aligns
67 Ctrl + M Indents the paragraph or left indent.
68 Ctrl + N New document based on Normal page.
69 Ctrl + O Display Open dialog box
70 Ctrl + P Open Print dialog box
71 Ctrl + Q Removes character formatting from the current selection.
72 Ctrl + R Right aligns.
73 Ctrl + S Saves, the document.
74 Ctrl + T Inserts a Hanging Indent.
75 Ctrl + U Underline the selected object.
76 Ctrl + V Pastes the object.
77 Ctrl + W Closes the active document.
78 Ctrl + X Cuts the selected object to clipboard.
79 Ctrl + Y Repeats the last action on document.
80 Ctrl + Z Undo the last action on document.
81 Enter Start paragraph
82 Ctrl + Enter Normal page break
83 Deletes Deletes the selected item.
84 Backspace Remove one character to the left.
85 Arrow Keys Moves 1 character to corres ponding direction
86 Tab Moves the cursor to the next tab
87 Home Comes to the beginning of the line
88 End Go to the end of the line
 End of MS Word Shortcut Keys List.

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We have tried to find out all commands that used in daily life of MS Word Shortcut Keys worlds. Please notify me if you have a new one via below comment box. Also, be aware some of these shortcut keys may not work in all versions of MS  Word.


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