25 Most Popular Websites List By Globle Rank

25 Most Popular WebsitesHere are the top 25 Most Popular Sites by globle search rank.  Every person want to know about most popular websites in the world.  Here is a big list most visited website in the world. This list is maintain by Alexa traffic rank.  Top website search engine, shopping sites, and social media. Our 25 most visited sits in the globle world come in a 3-4 category’s.

Most Popular Websites List By Global Ranking

SiteDomainAlexa RankCategoryLogo
Google Google.com 1 Internet services , Search Engine
Youtube Youtube.com 2 Video sharing website
Facebook Facebook.com 3 Social Media
Baidu Baidu.com 4 Search engine
Yahoo Yahoo.com 5 Portal and media, News
Amazon Amazon.com 6 E-commerce and cloud computing, Online Shopping
Wikipedia Wikipedia.org 7 Encyclopedia, Education, Information
Google India Google.co.in 8 Search engine
Tencent QQ Qq.com 9 Portal
Twitter Twitter.com 10 Social Media
Windows Live Live.com 11 software suite and web services, Email
Taobao Taobao.com 12 E-commerce Online shopping
Google Japan Google.co.jp 13 Search engine
Weibo Weibo.com 14 Social network
Bing Bing.com 15 Search engine
Instagram Instagram.com 16 Social network
Vk Vk.com 17 Social network
Sina Corp Sina.com.cn 18 instant messaging
Yahoo japan Yahoo.co.jp 19 Search engine
Linkedin Linkedin.com 20 Social Media
Msn Msn.com 21 Portal
Yandex Yandex.ru 22 Search engine
Google Germany Google.de 23 Search engine
Hao123 Hao123.co 24 Web directories
Google UK Google.co.uk 25 Search engine


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