MS Excel Shortcut Keys That Mostly Used In Daily Office Work

MS Excel Shortcut Keys

MS Excel Shortcut Keys List

MS Excel is a best and also No.1 accounting software in the word. To quick done our job we use keyboard shortcuts in daily office work. Shortcut Keys is a best way to complete the job quickly and easily. So, here is a list of MS Excel Shortcut Keys that are used in our daily work.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys:

S/NMS Excel Shortcut KeysShortcut Keys Description
1 Ctrl + A By pressing Ctrl + A we cab select all data of the worksheet.
2 Ctrl + B Bold the selected text .
3 Ctrl + C Copy the selected cell/data.
4 Ctrl + I Italic the selected text.
5 Ctrl + K You can insert Iink directly by pressing Ctrl +K.
6 Ctrl + S Press these key to Save the open worksheet.
7 Ctrl + U Underline selected text.
8 Ctrl + P To get print dialog box/Print the documents.
9 Ctrl + Z Press the Ctrl + Z button to Undo last action.
10 F2 To Edit the selected cell.
11 F3 F3 is a shortcut to paste names.
12 F4 F4 is a best shortcut, It will change the text in cell to the same color and text font like last cell.
13 F5 Press the F5 when you need to go to a specific cell Example: C6.
14 F7 It is shortcut to run the spell check for selected text.
15 F11 Create chart from selected document or dat .
16 Ctrl + ; Insert the current date in the cell.
18 Ctrl + ~ Switch between showing Excel formulas or their values in cells.
19 Ctrl + Home Move to cell A1.
20 Ctrl + - This is a quicker way to delete the selected column or row.
21 Ctrl + Space Select entire column.
22 Ctrl + ' With the help of this shortcut you can Insert the value of the above cell into the cell currently selected cell.
23 Ctrl + 1 Quick way to change the format of selected cells.
24 Ctrl + 5 Strike through selected data.
25 Ctrl + F3 Quickly Open Excel Name Manager.
26 Ctrl + F9 Minimize current window.
27 Ctrl + F10 Maximize currently selected window.

MS Excel Shortcut Keys That Are Used With  Shift, Ctrl & ALT:

28 Ctrl + Shift + 1 Format number in comma -format.
29 Ctrl + Shift + 4 Format number in currency-format.
30 Ctrl + Shift + 3 Format number in date-format.
31 Ctrl + Shift + 5 Format number in percentage-format.
32 Ctrl + Shift + 6 Format number in scientific-format.
33 Ctrl + Shift + 2 Format number in time-format.
34 Ctrl + Shift + = Insert a new column/row.
35 Shift + Space Select entire row.
36 Alt + = Create a formula to sum all of the above cells.
37 Ctrl + Shift + ; Insert the current time in the cell.
38 Alt + Enter When you press the Alt + Enter It will move to the next line, allowing for multiple lines of text in one cell.
39 Alt + Shift + F1 Make a new Worksheet.
40 Ctrl + Page up Move between work sheets in the same document.
By using above MS Excel Shortcut Keys you can do your office work very easily and on the time. In conclusion, Keyboard Shortcut a best way to do your job on time. Print these key and save into your memory.

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