ALT Codes Or Shortcut

ALT Codes Or Shortcut Keys List

In this topic I’ ll show you how to insert special characters with ALT Key. It is a very easy to type special character/ALT Codes  anywhere. To type a special character with ALT Key or Shortcut Keys,  just follow these steps. Ensure that the Num Lock is On. Press and hold the Alt key. While the […]

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MS Excel Shortcut Keys

MS Excel Shortcut Keys That Mostly Used In Daily Office Work

MS Excel Shortcut Keys List MS Excel is a best and also No.1 accounting software in the word. To quick done our job we use keyboard shortcuts in daily office work. Shortcut Keys is a best way to complete the job quickly and easily. So, here is a list of MS Excel Shortcut Keys that are used […]

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Youtube Shortcuts Key

6 Thinks That You Can Do With Youtube Shortcuts Key

6 Main Youtube Shortcuts Key In this article you will learn about the 6 Youtube Shortcuts Key. This is a very informative information that you can control Youtube with your keyboard Shortcuts Key. You can do many operations with your keyboard using Shortcuts Key. What you can do by using Youtube Shortcuts Key? Play & Pause A Video. When […]

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Computer Shortcut Keys

Computer Shortcut Keys Make’s Work Quick & Easier

Computer Shortcut Keys is an easier &  quicker method to make your work  Quick & Easier while you are playing games or using windows programs. On computer function keys work normal but on laptops you need to press fn key with function key. Computer Shortcut Keys can boost your productivity in shorts time, if your daily […]

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MS Word Shortcut Keys

MS Word Shortcut Keys – Including Description

Here is a big list of MS Word shortcut keys, shortcut keys is a better way to complete your work in short time. It is an advanced way to reduce your work time and allow you to do more work in a given time period. Peoples like to do work with MS word shortcut keys because it is a quicker […]

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